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Education resources

Finland has the world’s best education system (Breaking News English):


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Free Rice

Learn new words, test your English grammar or learn another language at

For each question you get correct, 10 grains of rice are donated to people who need it via the UN World Food Programme.

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Look, cover, write, check

Brilliant, interactive website for teaching the look, cover, write, check method of learning spellings:

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What’s in the bag?

Originally designed for children (I think), this game would be good for Entry 1 or beginner learners.

Students are given three words and must guess what’s in the bag from a choice of three possibilities.  Many of the words students are given are quite easy, but having a dictionary to hand may help (or get the students to work in pairs at the computers so they can help each other). 

Excellent for vocab learning, and the students get to hear how the words are pronounced, too (albeit with an American accent!).

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Cambridge Dictionaries On-line

This website has 6 on-line dictionaries (Learner’s, Advanced learner’s, American English, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, French/ English)  which are brilliant for both learners and teachers alike.

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Present Continuous You Tube video

This is a useful video for teaching, practising or reviewing the Present Continuous with low level students. 

I skipped over the first 30 seconds when I used it in class today as the speaker is quite difficult to understand and makes some errors (“simple present continuous tense”, “let’s go on!”).

The music made my students laugh, and the video itself has some natural pause points where you can elicit the answers to questions displayed on the screen from students.  (The answers subsequently appear on the video).

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There are many hangman sites on-line that students can access. In particular this site is user-friendly and easy on the eye. It has a list of categories to choose from (countries, musical instruments, frequently misspelled words, etc.), and there is also a facility for creating new lists of words – very handy if you want to use this game to review previously taught vocabulary.

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