Worksheet Genius

This is a brilliant, free website where you can make worksheets for your class in no time at all. 

In the ‘English’ section, there are anagrams, bingo games, flashcards, handwriting practice, worsearches, mixed up sentences and more.  In the maths section, I have used the clocks worksheets when teaching time.  There is also a free clip-art page, plus more stuff I have yet to properly explore. 

Well worth a look … and very useful when you need to make a worksheet for that class that starts in 5 minutes’ time!  Click here to access the site.



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2 responses to “Worksheet Genius

  1. Hi

    Another brilliant site for making all kinds of worksheets and resources is . The printables are fantastic, so easy to use. They’ve divided them into Literacy, Maths and Misc – look at all three (maths has stuff for teaching the time and also blank dice templates).


  2. englishteachingresources

    Hi Johanna,
    Thanks for my very first comment 🙂
    Looks like a really useful site – I will add it to my links.
    Best wishes,

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